Mai Mai Miracle Reaches Funding Goal

Creating an English release for an anime film from the Assistant Director of Kiki’s Delivery Service and director of Black Lagoon

Mai Mai Miracle was released in 2009 and subsequently did well with audiences around the world – sweeping awards like Audience Award for Best Animated Feature for adults and the BETV award at Anima, the Brussels Animation Film Festival. It also won the jury prize for Best Animated Film at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montréal along with the Excellence Prize for Feature Length Animation at the 2010 Japan Media Arts Festival. That’s a lot of festival prizes and praise!

Directed by Sunao Katabuchi, director and former protégé of the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, Mai Mai Miracle is particularly noted for its beautifully designed background art. The film itself garnered much of its success in Japan thanks to a slow but enthusiastic build up of word of mouth, quickly making it a niche favourite amongst anime fans ever since.

Such a film dripping with gorgeous art, sweetness and a story rich in the magic of childhood imagination, growing up and friendship should be enjoyed by a wider audience. This Kickstarter campaign will allow us to do just that, to finally bring about the release of Mai Mai Miracle for the first time in UK and US complete with English subtitles and, hopefully, an English dub!

This campaign will allow us to arrange and package Mai Mai Miracle in the way it deserves and otherwise would not receive.

That is where you step in.

Help them reach their stretch goals by adding an English dub to their release!




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