JAST USA Press Release: PC RPG Aselia the Eternal Released


San Diego, California, Thursday, November 10, 2011

JAST USA is announcing the release of Aselia the Eternal, a long-awaited RPG and romantic adventure produced by Japanese game maker Xuse and translated by Dakkodango Translations. Aselia the Eternal is the JAST Densetsu label’s first combination RPG and bishoujo game, with both compelling gameplay and beautiful girls to romance. The game has shipped, and is available for purchase on DVD-ROM. A digital download version will be shipping shortly.

In Aselia the Eternal, the player takes the role of Takamine Yuuto, a young Japanese man who finds himself and his sister Kaori transported to the fantasy world of Phantasmagoria. Unable to understand the language of Phantasmagoria’s people, Yuuto is forced against his will to take up a magical, sentient sword and fight for a greedy king alongside the Spirits, beautiful female warriors who are treated as little more than slaves. As the story progresses, your decisions will influence Yuuto’s relationships with the characters around him, eventually cultimating in romance with one of seven possible heroines.

But Aselia the Eternal is more than just a romance sim. It is also a genuine RPG, with over 50 hours of immersive strategy gameplay and combat. The player will form squads comprised of Spirits and Etrangers, each possessing his or her own diverse array of skills, and dispatch them to conquer over 38 enemy towns and strongholds. At the same time, you must build up your infrastructure, train your units, and manage their skills. With 23 tactical missions, 9 unique endings, and 3 difficulty levels to choose from, Aselia the Eternal is certain to provide a rewarding experience for any player.

JAST USA president Peter Payne said: “We love the awesome games that Japan makes, from the adult-themed visual novels to great anime-themed RPGs, and want to make them accessible to as many people around the world as possible. Japanese PC RPGs are an underrepresented genre in the West, and we hope that this new title will enable a large number of new fans to find out what they’ve been missing. We’re confident that this is a game that a lot of fans will enjoy playing.”

The game is appropriate for ages 15 and up, and is available for purchase now at the JAST USA website as well as other fine anime retailers. The official game site with full character profiles, sample graphics, and more is available at http://www.jastusa.com/aselia


Ever since the first computers with color displays, Japan has had a strong culture of “love simulation” computer games, which simulate emotional and sexual interaction between the player and various game characters when the player “wins” the love of a given character. PC dating-sim games are often referred to “hentai” or “H” games by U.S. fans. JAST USA has been involved in licensing and translating Japanese dating-sim games since 1998, and is the leading producer and distributor of English-language PC games for adults in any form. The company has a catalog of over 50 English-translated games with every theme from maids to “cat girls” to “yuri” (female-female) and more.


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