Review: Drifters Volume 1 TPB

Imagine a world of magic, full of elves and hobbits and dragons and orcs. Inside this world of magic and wonder there is a great war being waged, using warriors from human history as chess pieces in a bloody, endless battle. Hirano’s new concept gathers famous warriors throughout history and puts them on both sides of good and evil, and then turned them loose in a bloody melee of madness.

©Layout Dark Horse Manga ©Shonengahosha, Kouta Hirano


Japanese Publisher: Shonengahosha

English Publisher: Dark Horse Manga

Writer: Kohta Hirano
Artist: Kohta Hirano

Mr.Hirano is back at manga, and with his new story DRIFTERS. The Black King is at war, and wants to rid the Drifters of in his realm. Shimazu Toyohisa happens to be one of these Drifters, and gets caught in the fray well as it turns out, He is a bad ass swordsman. without giving too much away the story progress with the help of some elves, and we meet some historic figures such as Nobunaga and Yoichi . We Arem an asshole Human magician chief being cruel to some elves, and then we meet Shimazu again, who happens to be relentless, and pyscho, and the other figures prepare to wage battle against Arem. There is no shortage of Blood, in this so Hirano keeps his tone from his other top selling manga HELLSING.

The art is awesome, this is one of the first manga I have read in a long time




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