10/04/2011 JWeekly Free Manga

What is JWeekly?
JWeekly is a JManga original free magazine updated weekly!

● Check out 3 of our recommended titles in one magazine!
● Updated with 3 new titles!
● And it’s FREE!!!

Oh my god! Vol.1

“Sexy, mysterious, amnesiac god meets his match… Yuto is a typical high school student whose family just so happens to have had a long line of sorcerers as members. While in the family storage shed, he accidentally awakens a god who was sealed in a sword hundreds of years ago. Now, if only this mysterious god could remember who he is! Yuto names this extremely good-looking spirit, Jade. Stuck with an amnesiac god who’s strangely attached to him, Yuto begins a clamorous life of high school, adventure and attraction.”

Drifting Net Café Vol. 1

The newest work from popular artist Shuzo Oshimi serialized in Manga Action is written in a style that brings out the unique traits of both eroticism and pure love. The main character, 29 year old Kouichi Toki, runs into his first love again after stopping inside a net cafe. Just as the two are rejoicing over their reunion, the city outside their net cafe disappears! They are stuck together with an assortment of people that have nothing in common, a band of geeks, gangsters, spoiled kids, ganguro girls, and salarymen. A dynamic love story blooming in a world cut off from reality.

Kamakura Monogatari Vol. 1

Isshiki Masakazu, a mystery writer living in Kamakura, is also a skilled detective. Together with his wife Akiko, he interacts with the demons, spirits, gods, buddhas, and aliens of Kamakura. His acquaintances and friends range from affiliates of the Police to mysterious animals. Adults and children will enjoy this work of mystery as he solves difficult and strange cases with a variety of characters as his side. A long selling and popular comic!

Titles can be viewed here –> http://www.jmanga.com/weekly


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